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Living in Tucson apartments for rent is a smart move for those wanting to live in a scenic and cultural area. Tucson is a beautiful city located just 60 miles of the Mexico border. Four mountain ranges surround the Tucson city as it is located along the Santa Cruz River. Along with the natural grand scenery, Tucson has a variety of gardens and parks in the city. Tucson’s largest park is the Reid Park that has the Reid Park Zoo and Hi Corbett Field. Tucson apartments for rent are found throughout the city and near these parks.

Tucson is a word meaning "at the base of the black hill". If wanting to further your education, take a look at the main college in the area, University of Arizona. Tucson has been revitalizing itself with the downtown area divided into districts. The beautiful cityscape includes high rise buildings like the Bank of America Plaza. Residents of Tucson apartments can enjoy their free time at the Art Deco Fox Theater, the Hotel Congress, and St. Augustine Cathedral.

A few other buildings in the downtown area are on the National Register of Historic Places. A day outing could include shopping the 4th Avenue Shopping District and roaming the El Con Mall. The Tucson International Airport sees many visitors in and out of the city and is a transportation hub for the area. If you’re having visitors over, you can show them the great city sites while housing them in your Tucson apartment.

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