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When you're a student, deciding where to live is almost as important as choosing a major. Will you live on or off-campus? How many roommates do you want? Are you looking for a vibrant, active student community, or do you prefer a quiet room on a secluded tree-lined street? wants to hear from students like you about your ideal apartment. This is your chance to tell us - and property owners - what you're looking for and what you've found on What's in it for you? The chance to win's first-ever Blog Scholarship. That's right. One blog post could get you $500. That's enough to buy a couple of textbooks or a four-year supply of ramen noodles!

Never heard of a Blog Scholarship? Instead of submitting an essay to the bunker-in-an-undisclosed-location where most judging panels work, you simply post your thoughts on your own blog or website to let your voice be heard by all. Find your ideal apartment (or near-ideal: get as close as you can) on and then tell the world what makes (or would make) it so awesome. Consider it your first homework assignment of the semester.



November 1st, 2011



Who Can Enter

You can, as long as you have a blog or webpage.

How To Enter

  1. Use to find your ideal apartment in your ideal city.
  2. Write a short essay explaining why it is so amazing: Best parties on campus? A killer-deal? Fastest wi-fi in the state? We want to know why you love it and what would make you love it even more!
  3. Post your essay on your blog or website and be sure to link to the property listing page that came closest to your ideal.
  4. Email the URL for your blog post entry to so our panel of distinguished judges can evaluate it. Be creative. Be clever. Have fun. (The bunker is boring and they'd really appreciate the entertainment.)

Additional Information

The Winner will be selected by a judging panel based on purely subjective criteria such as "creativity," "insight," and / or "it made me laugh so hard I got the hiccups". There is no minimum length requirement but if it's as long as "Ulysses" we'll probably just skim over the boring parts. Feel free to use images or videos. You must convince us of the awesome nature of your ideal apartment, and you must include a link to a property listing page on If there's no link, the entry will be disqualified. Yep, we're hard-nosed that way. Also, you must post the essay on your own blog or website and send us the URL. Don't just email the essay... that won't count.

Submission Email (only submit entry URLs by email).

Privacy Policy

Here's the legalese: Entrata and view the protection of applicant information as very important. As part of your scholarship entry you may provide Entrata with personal information such as your name, business name and mailing address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address that will permit us to identify you. Entrata will use all other personal information we collect from you only for purposes appropriate for conducting our business, such as contacting you regarding the scholarship and announcing the winners. Although we may collect and compile aggregate data about their transactions with Entrata, Entrata will not sell, give or otherwise make available to third parties any personally-identifiable information about you except as a part of any sale of assets, joint venture, merger or partnership or as required by law or judicial or governmental order.

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